For The Food, Luxury Food, Sweetmeats and Other Roller Mills we enjoy our customers' complete confidence
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Paramount has made a name for itself as the leading Indian Manufacturer of special rolls for the food, luxury, sweetmeats, paper calendaring, rubber mixing and calendaring, compound mixing in soap, paint industries, sugar and salt milling, textile calendaring industry. Our early specialization in this field has meant that we have gained a wealth of experience and know-how which enables us to like the innovations to suit customer needs.

Paramount uses the Process of single or double poured castings according to specification and or requirement. Double poured casting is centrifugal spin casting process.

The range of requirements placed on such special rolls is as diversified as the field of application itself. Thanks to a selective investment programme Paramount can now meet all the technical challenges of to day, offering products geared to satisfy the particular demands of the branch of industry in question. Whether you want the smallest feed roll with a diameter of about 150 mm or largest flaking roll with a diameter of 800 mm, we are the people to speak to for high quality cast rolls at a fair price performance ratio.

The fields of application for the rolls range from flour and oil mills,soyabeen plant,cement Industry, the animal fodder industry, the luxury food and sweetmeats industry, the food industry, the sugar industry and the pharmaceutical industry minerals industry. These various sectors require rolls with quite different material properties. Generally, wear-resistant hard surfaces are needed in conjunction with a tough, fracture-resistant core. Frequently combined with other specific requirements such as certain gripping surfaces or a particular thermal conductivity of the material.

Paramount has carried out revolutionary development work in this direction. The self-napping smooth rolls developed by our specialists for flour mills and the self-napping flaking rolls for oil mills are just two examples of innovation to suit the customer. Day in, day out, our work revolves around solving problems relating to roll specific tasks, we find these solutions not only by using the best materials but above all by closely cooperating with our customers.

A major aspect of the Paramount  is still systematic commitment to achieve quality through continuous technical improvement. Our range comprises rolls with solid bodies, shruk-in journals and hollow bodies with built in internal displacement systems for heating and / or cooling.

Our modern quality assurance system with precision testing methods guarantees a state of the art technical standard. We are always ready to listen to your idea and suggestions. Our team can be quickly contacted through all modern communication systems.

The quality of the raw materials to be processed into food depends to a large extent on the quality of the different types of cereal, such as wheat, rye or corn to oil made from soya beams and sunflower seeds. For all applications in the food industry Paramount supplies the right roll design. Whether chocolate tobacco, coffee, confectionery or other luxury foods, pharmaceutical products or animal fodder, Paramount has the special roll for every need.
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