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1) Superior exposure and disintergration of the oil cells.
2) Reduction of energy consumption.
3) Constantly higher rate of feed.
4) Improve extraction.
5) Less or no edge spalling.
6) No pitting.
7) Wrapping.
8) No Shell Spalling
9) Uniform flake thickness.
10) Extended servicing in tervals.
11) Excellent and constant feeding capacity.
12) Less grinding off with re paris.
13) Elemination and / or considerable reduction of roller mill vibrations (Whether inherent with the individual system or caused by the foundation) and consequently reduction also of operational and structure borne noise and damage to the building.
14) roll cooling may be dispensed with in a number of applications as -due to an improved roughness and or non skid property, less energy is required and less heating up occurs.
The efficiency of this special quality relies mainly on the above points that- to the benefit of the user - add up to considerable saving in the costs of the rolls (e.g. investment and the upkeep of fuctionability)


As regards maintenance, inspection at regular intervals certainly are a must, and every jamming (e.g. direct contact of the rolls) will eventually cause damage even to these special rolls. However, no such damage will be of the magnitude and effect as in the case of clear chill cast rolls. A breakage in a clear chill cast roll should f. i. be ground min. 0.3 mms deeper so as to eliminate the disrupted structure (the notch effect) entirely whereas with the special qualities discussed here, it will suffice to merely grind down to the bottom of the damage. With this new special quality, a damage of this kind can be avoided altogether by giving the details indicated hereunder for ordering careful attention and by adapting roll maintenance to the specific requirement.


The useful life and consequently, the efficiency of this by no means “cheap” though considering the quality good value roll depends mainly on the customers detailed description of the prospective working conditions.
A main point in this context is that, the better we, as the roll manufacturers are informed, the better will we be able to select and prepare the right roll material. The user may well consider the questionnaire to be a “chore”. However, if he wishes to run his plant economically then every detail counts. Today, with system as advanced as they are, one can hardly reduce costs by just one lucky shot. It's the little things that count nowadays, and they can well be of decisive moments where it comes to holding one's own with the competitors.
Therefore every user should spend time and effort on formulating the specific conditions regarding this all-important tool, the roll!


1) Produced as single or double poured castings according to specification and/or requirement.(double poured casting is preferable for high alloy qualities.)

2) Bored through to uniform wall thickness.
3) Steel journals shrunk in or bolted on depending on the type of roller mill.
4) Stress relieved by heat treatment.
5) Dynamically balanced.
6) Outside diameter completely stone ground with max. 5 radial deviations (0.003in).
7) All surface shapes are feasible: cylindric, crowned chamfered edges, diameters tapered towards the barrel end and/or any and every individual curve.
We supply rolls ready to be installed in all types of roller mills. We regenerate and repair rolls at short notice and a fair price. Our Technical staff is at your disposal for advising you on all problems of a technological and comminution - related nature.
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